BUSINESS Consulting
Building the Future of Your Organization

At Centaur Insurance Services, we know that running a business is an ever-changing environment. We provide an array of consulting services and designed for the specific industries we serve, with out-of-the-box thinking and strategic  introductions that will give you the tools to pursue new opportunities.

What We Offer
Financial and Operational Evaluations

The ways your business handles quality assurance, subcontractor management, jobsite safety and financial risk all directly impact your bottom line. We work to identify your company's financial and operational strengths and weaknesses by examining your goals, banking relationships, internal and external controls and more. We can provide a proven professional business plan to serve as the solid foundation for your future operations.

Business Development Consulting

Our business development consultation services are much more than than just strategic introductions. Centaur Insurance provides the intellectual capital necessary to help prime your business for new opportunities and build critical mass. We have the expertise necessary for large and small businesses to keep your firm on an upward trajectory. Our success always depends on your success.

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